November 07, 2014

Run, Forrest, Run!

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Two decades ago, when Forrest Gump hit the audience, he is widely-known as one of the best runners in his class. Obtaining scholarship by using his extraordinary skills in running. Well, of course, he was in the football team, instead of athletics team. But his running skill was amazing.

Twenty years later after Forrest Gump, I found myself in a situation in which I have to workout (personal story here). Having a very limited interest and skills in physicial activities, I choose running, as my main workout to get healthier. Lucky me, this sport in Indonesia nowadays has never been more popular.

In major cities, it is crystal clear that running is one of the most popular sport during these days. Due to its simplicity, anyone who has the proper determination could do it anywhere they want. Running has shifted from a boring sport, to a lifestyle. From a less popular activity, to a suddenly every-week-there-is-a-race.

Why is it so popular and simple?

First of all, you can do it anywhere, by yourself. If you want to play basketball, you need like nine other guys. And a court. And a ball. If you want to play football, you need like 21 other guys. And a ball. And a court. And referees. And football shoes. And a goalpost. The list goes on and on.

With running, you just need a pair of shoes—or not, which ever you’d prefer—a pair of shorts, and t-shirt—any kind of it—and you’re ready to go. No friends? No problem. No shoes? No problem.

Second of all, with all its simplicity and its less complicated additional stuffs, running burns your fat and makes you healthier. I have to admit, three months ago I was in my worst shape, with a staggering 112 kg. Yes, you read it right. 112 kg. Now I reduced it by almost 10kg. Still obese, but way better condition.

Third of all, running can be fancy also. You think only football and basketball mania that can buy fancy shoes and jerseys? You get it wrong, buddy. If you adore fancy stuffs, and wish to stay stylish, here’s some important gears: eye-catching running shoes with massive cushioning, running shirts from majors manufacturers, GPS watches, heart rate monitor, the latest smartphone with running apps, compression socks, compression shorts, hydropack, and the list goes on.

Fourth of all, physical limitation like I am? No problems. You will not get abandoned like in football court, where you didn’t have the chance to kick the ball, because you’re too fat or you’re too weak. In running, when there is a will, there is a way. You rely on yourself to cross the finish line.

All in all, just move your lazy body, put on your shoes, and get out. Go run. Get sweaty. This is one of the cheapest methods to clear your mind and live a better life. Running teaches you how to finish what you have started. Running teaches you to manage your energy, what comes in the first priority and what comes in second. Running teaches you to keep calm and get things done. Running teaches you how to live.

Always remember, in running, and just like in life: you don’t stop when you’re tired, you stop when you’re done.

Pirhot Nababan

Pirhot Nababan

Alumnus Fakultas Hukum Universitas Padjadjaran, kelahiran Bandung 20 Oktober 1985. Sempat menyicipi dunia aktivisme mahasiswa dengan menjadi Ketua Bidang I GMKI Bandung, dan Kepala Departemen Infokom BEM FH Unpad. Mengambil program kekhususan hukum internasional, namun lebih memilih untuk bergelut di bidang jurnalistik sejak di bangku kuliah. Sempat merasakan kerasnya dunia jurnalistik di saat berstatus mahasiswa, dan selepas menggenggam gelar sarjana hukum langsung bergabung dengan, media online yang fokus di bidang hukum. Di awal tahun 2014 berhasil menyelesaikan studi magister konsentrasi hukum ekonomi dari Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia, sambil tetap mengisi waktu senggang dengan gitar klasik, buku, film, dan Rubik’s Cube.

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